Frozen fish food service

Tench fillets skin on

Unit packaging: 400 g (500 g)Master packaging: 16 x  400 g (500 g) Tench, a species of the family of freshwater fish from carp’s, with the latin name Tinca tinca. The fish has golden skin, tasty, fatty, white and tasty meat, with a carp-like aftertaste. Like all freshwater fish, it has many bones. The taste compensates for this inconvenience. Fillets form perfectly for frying or software. 100% fillet without additives!

Hoki fillets breaded, pre-fried

                      Hoki fillets (Macruronus magellanicus), cut, breaded, pre-fried, quck-frozen, IQF. The color of breading is gold-brown, regular surface without damage, fish meat inside is white and delicate. After the heat treatment the batter is crispy and the fish meat in the middle is firm, delicate and juicy. The fish is 68%, and the breading (internal, dry and wet and outside) 32%. Net weight: 10 kg

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