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How do we determine the size of a shrimp?

  • The size of a shrimp is defined as the number of pieces per pound, what means: pcs/lb
  • Unless it is a whole shrimp, then as number of pieces per kg.
  • Size: frozen – count – i.e. determined after freezing (taking into account the protective glaze) or real – count, less popular, determined before freezing.
  • To calculate the number of pieces of shrimp per kg, we multiply the number of pieces per pound * 2.2.
  • Because 1 pound = 450g
  • For example, shrimps of size 300-500 pcs/lb are 660-1100 pcs/kg, and shrimps 31-40 pcs/lb are 68-88 pcs/kg.
  • This means that a 400 g package (500 g with glaze) should contain 32 to 44 shrimps.