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Atlantic cod loin /skinless/ 140-180g

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Index:  RM12002MSC

 Atlantic cod Gadus morhua loin /skinless/ 140-180g, 10 % glaze. Pine bone out, perfect for frying and baking.

Atlantic cod is caught mainly in the northern waters of the Atlantic Ocean, including regions such as: Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea, North Sea.

Atlantic cod meat is: delicate: it is white, soft and delicate, which makes it easy to prepare and very appetizing, low-fat: is an excellent choice for people who care about a healthy diet, rich in protein: is a source of high-quality protein, necessary for the construction and regeneration, rich in vitamins and minerals: contains vitamins such as B12, D and minerals such as selenium and phosphorus, with low calorie content: an ideal choice for people who want to reduce calories without sacrificing nutritional value.

Hake fillet skinless, size: 120-170 g

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North Pacific hake Merluccius productus as boneless and skinless fillets. A product without artificial additives with a delicate taste.