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Your Source of Sea Delicatessen

MyFood is a Polish company with over 10 years of experience in the FMCG business, specializing in the production and sale of high-quality fish and seafood products, manufactured at the AJTEL Seafood plant.

MyFood distinguishes itself through its wireless production infrastructure, extensive know-how, and stable financing. The MyFood brand offers a wide range of products, including certified items of exceptional quality at reasonable prices. Our team innovates ideas for products inspired by cuisines from around the world.

MyFood has maintained a strong position in the market year after year, particularly in frozen fish, seafood, and ready-made meals for core retail and food service chains in Poland and Europe.

The AJTEL Seafood plant, with which we collaborate, holds crucial quality certifications such as IFS, ASC, MSC, BIO, and Global Gap. It undergoes audits by key customers regularly.

Conscious and strategic product development is a fundamental element of our company's success. Our primary advantage lies in not being a large corporation, allowing us to be more responsive to the needs of both customers and employees. We prioritize building long-lasting and stable partnerships with our contractors and clients.

Together with our dedicated employees, we form a passionate team prepared to tackle daily challenges. We eagerly embrace new opportunities, enabling us to remain abreast of the latest market trends and innovations ahead of the competition.